The maintenance of a good reference library has been an important part of SSA’s mandate since its inception. The SSA library was opened in 1977 and lays claim to a wide range of books on a variety of subjects. The SSA strongly encourages the use of its library by local and international students. The SSA library is open on weekdays from 10am to 5pm.

The strength of the SSA’s reference library is its rich collection of books on peace and conflict studies, social theory, gender and literature. It also possesses an extensive and rare collection of books on Sri Lankan history, politics, economy and society. The Library has been broadly divided into three units - the Sri Lanka collection, the Gender collection and the General collection. Each of these collections covers a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and methodological pathways.

The SSA library collection has been augmented through a number of generous donations from the Duke University, NC , USA (covering the areas of cultural studies, history, political theory and gender), the Berghoff Foundation (on Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies) the Bradford University (also on Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies) as well as by donations from scholars and friends of the organization. The SSA warmly welcomes donations to its library from members of the public who wish to expand access to knowledge and strengthen processes of knowledge production.

In order to maintain and expand its collection the SSA library charges a nominal fee for use of its facilities. The cost for use of the library is below.

  • Local undergraduates: Free of charge
  • Local scholars and foreign students: Rs. 50 per day
  • Foreign scholars: Rs. 100 per day

The SSA Library also provides photocopying services to users. The cost of photocopying is separate from the library access fee.

Cost of Photocopying:
Single Side: Rs. 4
Double Side: Rs. 5

Restrictions: Due to copyright restrictions it is not possible to photocopy more than 10% of a book that has not been published by the SSA.



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