Sri Lanka Political Weather Analysis: June 2015

Political Weather Analysis (PWA) aims to provide a Polaroid snapshot of Sri Lankans’ positions and opinions on current political developments. PWA is a survey conducted among 1,500 households across all the electoral districts in the country. The survey was conducted during the first week of June 2015, with the participation of about 80 highly trained field researchers. The respondents for the survey were randomly selected, and interviews were conducted using the face to face interview technique, with the help of a structured questionnaire.

PWA is the first of a series of surveys aimed to be implemented by the Social Scientists’ Association in order to capture public opinion on the political changes that the country is currently experiencing. PWA thereby envisages providing a catalyst for the general public to voice their concerns on the ongoing politics and government policies in the country, in addition to informing the current political discourse which is generally confined to a limited group, with the concerns and interests of the general public.

Sri Lanka Political Weather Analysis – June 2015