Constitution Making in Nepal: Complexities and Possibilities – A Talk by Mr. Rohan Edrisinha

Mr. Rohan Edrisinha is a distinguished legal scholar in the field of Constitutional Law. He has published extensively on issues relating to constitutionalism, constitution-making, and constitutional issues in Sri Lanka. Over the past two years he has been involved in an advisory capacity in the constitution making process in Nepal.  As the Constitutional Advisor to UNDP/Nepal and the International Project Manager on the Support to Participatory Constitution Building in Nepal programme, Mr. Edrisinha has been closely involved with the country’s attempts to draft a new Constitution after a decade long armed conflict which ended in 2006.

In this presentation, Mr. Edrisinha reflected on Nepal’s experience with constitution making in the aftermath of the protract armed conflict, with a focus on continuing political debates on the nature of the state, federalism, electoral reforms, and emerging ethnic politics.

Venue: The Social Scientists’ Association, 12, Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 05.

Date: 3rd of January, 2014

Time: 4.00pm