In Conversation with Dr. Kumari Jayawardena [On Feminism]

In Conversation with Dr. S. Sivasegaram

In this conversation, Dr. Kumari Jayawardena speaks on some of the key themes emerging from her works on feminism and women’s rights movements, especially in the ‘Third World’, including Sri Lanka. Some of the key issues discussed relate to, inter alia, the relationship between anti-colonial nationalist struggles and feminism in the ‘Third World’, feminism and the role of women’s rights movements in Sri Lanka, the attitudes of conservative politicians to women’s participation in politics, and research in the area of feminist-studies.

Selected bibliography:

- Kumari Jayawardena, Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World (SSA, 2009)

- Kumari Jayawardena and Malathi de Alwis, Casting Pearls: The Women’s Franchise Movement in Sri Lanka (SSA, 2001)